50onred 与RTX 合并了


《50onred 与RTX 合并了》

50onRed Traffic Is Now Available In The RTX Platform!

Welcome to RTX Platform! We’ve integrated 50onRed traffic with RTX Platform’s cutting edge real-time ad exchange.

What does this change mean for you?

  • Your 50onRed Traffic Platform login credentials are the same, but you’ll now use app.rtxplatform.com to manage your campaigns and buy quality traffic from 50onRed and other traffic channels.
  • Your campaigns have been migrated to RTX Platform. They haven’t stopped running, and all settings, pricing, and traffic are the same as before.
  • Any valid 50onRed Traffic Platform promotional coupons will be redeemable on RTX Platform.

Learn more about RTX Platform at RTXPlatform.com, and follow RTX Platform on Twitter and Facebook to stay on top of new features, valuable tips, and industry news.

Feel free to reply to this message if you have any questions about this exciting change.

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    刚看了下 我的账号怎么没有Display模式。。。

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